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Latest Version 3.9 *new*


What does the 1Spark Ver. 3.9 *new* do ?

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Latest Technology in the World-Easiest Installation!


Latest Version 3.9  *new*


With our ongoing Research and Development (R&D) at our Manufacturing Plant, we have came up with the Latest Version of 1Sparkô Spark Optimizer.

This Version have greater electronic capacity and greater ease of Installation.



MORE POWER 3% - 28%

FUEL SAVER 5% - 21%










This device only applies to all Petrol Four Stroke Engines with battery operation at  ~12 V Voltage Supply. The Voltage Supply should be between 10 to 15 Volts DC. ( Note: The Diesel Engine Fuel Saver will be Coming Soon ! )

The 1Sparkô works based on the Car Wiring Design Concept by taking the Supply from the Battery, and Stabilizing and Optimizing the Voltage Supply. It makes your Electrical System work at its Optimum Level - i.e. the Factory Condition. There are powerful capacitors inside the 1Sparkô device that store and release the Current whenever there is a fluctuation in the Voltage Supply. Furthermore the Optimum Voltage Supply stabilizes the engine combustion of the fuel, gives a stronger Spark, burns the Fuel/Air mixture more completely and has no wastage. This giving you substantial Fuel Savings and more Power for your vehicle.

It also works as a Battery Doctor. It detects the Condition of the Battery. It tells you whether your Battery is Strong or Weak. A Weak Battery can spoil your electronic equipment or even stall your vehicle midway! The electronics inside the device actually prolong the lifespan of your Battery. This will reduce your maintenance cost too.



What does the 1Spark Ver. 3.9 *new* do ?

  1. It stabilizes the Power Supply of the Vehicle - It does not increase the Voltage of the car supply thus it will not cause any damage to car devices such as the ECU, Ignition coil, air conditioner, heater, audio system etc.

  2. It detects the Back EMF from the Ignition Coil and performs the Functions below:-

  • Rapid Discharge - Shortens the firing timing ( same voltage and current discharge at shorter time makes the spark stronger ).

  • More Complete Discharge - i.e. usually during discharge, the ignition coil still has some Voltage Current that cannot be discharged completely. ( when the Primary Coil discharges completely, the Secondary Coil Output will be much higher, thus giving a stronger spark ).

  1. It acts as a Battery Doctor.

  • Green LED lights ON indicating the 1Sparkô device is functioning correctly and the Battery is in Good Condition.

  • When the ignition key is switch to ON position ( without starting the car ), and if the Red LED is lighted up, it indicates that your Battery is weak and needs to be replaced ( Check this in the morning or when the car has stopped for a few hours ).

  • When the car engine is started, and the Red LED is blinking and has turned from Green to Red, it indicates that your Battery is overcharged. You are required to check your Alternator, that could be faulty, or else your Battery will be damaged.



How To Install

Just PLUG IN the device into the Cigarette Lighter Holder and stick the device to the side of the dashboard. It is that Easy !! => PLUG IN & GO !!

  • Safety Instructions:

  • During the installation of the 1Sparkô, ensure the Ignition Key is switch OFF or the car engine has Stopped.

  • Do not PLUG IN or OUT of the 1Sparkô device when the Ignition Key is already switched ON or the engine has already Started.

           See pictures of actual installation here:





How to Troubleshoot

  1. When the engine starts, the 1Sparkô device LED is not ON
  • Check for cigarette lighter fuse. Is it working?

  • Check for cigarette lighter holder. Is it working?

  • Ensure the device is properly PLUG-IN properly.

  1. When Driving, I can feel the Power and Acceleration but there is no real Fuel Savings
  • Check for the engine ignition timing; It should be restored back to the original factory setting

  • Check for the exhaust gas CO reading; It should be restored back to the original factory setting

  • The engine's combustion chamber is in the cleaning process. The old carbon deposits are in the process of being burnt off by the stronger sparks. Check the petrol consumption again after finishing 2 tanks of Fuel.

  1. The Alarm does not respond; I cannot switch ON the Alarm immediately when the car ignition key switches OFF the engine OR the Alarm auto lock system cannot OPEN when the ignition key is switched OFF.  ( This is due to the Alarm circuit still taking the supply from the device at the cigarette lighter holder).

  • Just wait for a few seconds. The Alarm should work properly. The 1Sparkô device has built-in capacitors that stores the current. The Alarm is still taking the current supply from this device. The capacitor should drain off all the current in a short while. This does not damage the Alarm.

  1. The Audio player does not respond. The Audio player or Radio player is still ON for 1 minute after the ignition key is switch OFF.

  • Just wait for a few seconds. The Audio player should work properly. The 1Sparkô device has built-in capacitors that stores the current. The Audio player is still taking the current supply from this device. The capacitor should drain off all the current in a short while. This does not damage the Audio player.

  1. When I am driving, I cannot feel the power and the acceleration.

  • When other brands of fuel savers are used on the same vehicle - Remove it ( this is not applicable to older versions of I1Sparkô used).

  • Check for the engine ignition timing, it may be too low. Restore it back to the original factory setting.

  • Check for loose contact on the cigarette lighter holder and the fuse box junction.

  1. I have other problems.

  • .For other problems, please refer to the authorized dealer only.

  • Do not open the 1Sparkô device for any reason as the electronic parts are sealed and cannot be repaired once opened.



How to Calculate Your Fuel Savings

               A.  Calculate in Kilometers and Litres:

                     ( Using a Ford Lynx Saloon Vehicle @ 6.5 km/l )

  Starting Mileage (km) Ending Mileage (km) Mileage Traveled (km) Fuel Cost US$ Fuel Cost per km US$
 BEFORE Using 1Sparkô 100000 100500 500 70 0.14
 AFTER Using 1Sparkô 100500 101000 500 56 0.11

Fuel Savings = ( 70 - 56 ) / 70 x 100% = 20%


              B.  Calculate in Miles and Gallons:

                     ( Using a Ford Lynx Saloon Vehicle @ 15.3 mpg )

  Starting Mileage (mile) Ending Mileage (mile) Mileage Traveled (mile) Fuel Cost US$ Fuel Cost per mile US$
 BEFORE Using 1Sparkô 100000 100300 300 78 0.26
 AFTER Using 1Sparkô 100300 100600 300 62 0.21

Fuel Savings = ( 78 - 62 ) / 78 x 100% = 20%




No: Number of Units of 1SparkTM

Version 3.9 *new*

Price per Unit

US $  *


1 unit



* Introduction Offer: Due to our Latest Launching Promotion, the Cost of One (1) unit of 1Sparkô device is ONLY US$118 - For a Limited time only. This Price is inclusive of Shipping, Handling and Postage ! ( This Price is only available from Online Purchases. Retail Prices are Higher than Online Prices! Check out our Competitor ).

For the cost of a couple of tanks of Fuel for your Vehicle, you will be making substantial savings for the rest of your Driving !


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.....My air-conditioner was not functioning normally before I install the 1Sparkô device. But after I have installed one, I found that the air-conditioner never fail to work properly. Now, I am no longer sweating and cursing whenever I am caught in a traffic jam. The 1Sparkô device helps me to keep my cool.....

.....I am a lady driver and I have been approached by so many salesmen for fuel saving devices. I have tried a few other types but I always give up. But I must say that this 1Sparkô device is the most easy to install for me.....

.....I have a very old car that is more than 15 years old. After installing the 1Sparkô device it is like giving my car a new heart.....

.....My car used to jerk whenever I reach a certain speed. I have sent it to the authorized workshop so many times but they cannot fix the problem. After fixing the 1Sparkô device, the problem disappeared! I think the device has stabilized the Voltage, and now I have a smoother ride.....

.....Wow! With the 1Sparkô device I can travel from Ipoh to KL and back on one tank of petrol and I have some more fuel to spare.....

.....With the 1Sparkô device I have so much power in my engine, I can zoom off the traffic light very fast.....

.....I thought I was conned by the workshop when he lend me one unit to try, now I am not giving it back. My petrol savings this week has already paid for one unit.....

.....I was thinking of selling my Kia Carnival MPV when the fuel pump prices went sky-rocketed high. Now with this device, I can still afford to take my family for long drives. Thank you to 1Sparkô.....

.....I don't have to change my spark plugs so often now. They are cleaner after I have been using the 1Sparkô . Hey, I don't have to pay so much for the servicing. I save so much.....

.....Every time I go up to Genting Highlands, I have to switch off the air-conditioner to get more power. Now I don't have to anymore. The 1Sparkô has given me more power. Even my headlight is brighter for my night driving.....



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